Xamarin is the new standard in enterprise mobile app development. Xamarin enables you to build iOS, Android and Windows Phone/Store apps in C#, with access to 100% of the device APIs, fully native UIs, and native performance for amazing experiences. Customers share between 75% – 100% code across platforms, and use our iOS and Android Designers, Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, our Component Store, and our lightning fast Android Player among many other features to build 100% native apps fast. Anything you can do in Objective-C or Java can be done much faster with Xamarin thanks to code-sharing and re-use.

Xamarin Test Cloud ensures your apps look, behave and perform well on thousands of real devices, operating systems, screens and resolutions. Xamarin Test Cloud works for any native or hybrid app built in any language. The service makes it easy to automate UI testing, and delivers easy-to-use test results in minutes. Integrate Xamarin Test Cloud into your continuous integration processes to ensure that every release is a high quality release. No time for testing? We’ll do it for you as a managed service.

Xamarin Insights is a real-time monitoring system that will enable you to identify, report, and track issues that are impacting users with a simple and effective API. Track past and active sessions, with full access to device statistics and any event in your application, from page views to button clicks. You can even track performance and see which features are being utilized or neglected. Insights combines event tracking with user identification to dive into any specific details, allowing you to send customers emails after you’ve resolved their issues. Insights easily integrates with services such as GitHub, HipChat, Visual Studio Online, Campfire to send you instant notifications on information that matters to you.

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