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Applause is leading the app quality revolution by enabling companies to deliver digital experiences that win – from web to mobile to wearables and beyond. By combining in-the-wild testing services, test automation, mobile beta management and mobile app analytics, Applause helps companies achieve the 360° app quality they need to thrive in the modern apps economy. Thousands of companies – including Google, Fox, Amazon, Deutsche Telekom, Concur and Runkeeper – choose Applause to launch mobile, wearable, web and IoT apps that delight their users.

In order to deliver consistently great apps – apps that users love – companies need an integrated approach to maximizing app quality. As users define app quality, brands of all size need to take a 360° approach, looking at quality from every angle, every step of the way. Quality is no longer confined to just the QA department – it now stretches from the very beginning of planning, through development and testing and post-launch where user feedback and app store reviews should influence the next steps on the path to creating a winning app experience. Companies that understand this win more users, more loyalty and more revenue.

Applause empowers companies by providing the tools, services, analytics, experience and support necessary to achieve 360° App Quality™.

  • In-The-Wild Testing Services: Real world app success starts with in-the-wild testing services that span the app lifecycle. Testing beyond the traditional QA lab is vital to creating a great experience for where app users live, work and play. With functional, usability, localization, load and security testing, the Applause global community of professional testers helps our clients every step of the way. Functional testing from Applause also includes the Applause Software Development Kit (SDK), which handles build distribution, crash reporting and in-app bug reporting.
  • Applause Test Automation: With the Applause turnkey test automation solution, companies can now get the software tools, the device access and the expert services to build and maintain a best-in-class automation solution. Applause customers simply detail their desired test scenarios, and Applause takes it from there, providing what competitors can’t, including:
    • One-stop shopping – Applause provides the automation framework, scripts, software, devices (shared device cloud, private device cloud, or on-premise devices) and a team of automation experts to create, maintain and adapt a custom automation solution.
    • Single automation solution – Rather than having one set of tools for web apps, and another solution for mobile apps, and still another for wearables, Applause Test Automation supports a full range of browser-based and native applications.
    • Freedom – After Applause creates the scripts and abstraction layer, the customer owns them. No onerous long-term contractual commitments.
    • Faster implementation – Companies can sign up, provide their test automation goals within days, and see positive ROI in weeks – rather than the customary payback period of years (or all too often, never).
  • Mobile Beta Management: App users ultimately define app quality, so including them in app development can be vital. Mobile Beta Management is a SaaS solution that helps brands drive successful mobile beta programs. By removing the traditional constraints and limitations that other mobile beta tools impose, while delivering simple, mobile-first participant workflows that lead to high engagement rates, more valuable user feedback and higher quality apps.
  • Applause Analytics: Turn user reviews into actionable insight. Applause Analytics is the only user sentiment tool that continuously crawls more than half a billion user reviews and star ratings from the Apple and Google Play app stores around the world. With a suite of tools, Applause Analytics distills app store noise into actionable intelligence that drives quicker, more informed decisions.

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