“Where do new Performance Testers come from?” This is just the question which lead to the creation of PerfBytes in 2012 by James Pulley and Mark Tomlinson. Using a combination of public failures and topic based shows, PerfBytes goal is to improve the foundation classes of knowledge for all members of the performance testing and […]


Xamarin is the new standard in enterprise mobile app development. Xamarin enables you to build iOS, Android and Windows Phone/Store apps in C#, with access to 100% of the device APIs, fully native UIs, and native performance for amazing experiences. Customers share between 75% – 100% code across platforms, and use our iOS and Android […]

Zenergy Technologies

Zenergy Technologies is a software QA and test automation specialty firm who helps its clients launch and maintain better software. Zenergy’s staff of industry-recognized experts not only delivers high-performing QA and testing solutions, they are also in high-demand as speakers and presenters at the largest testing conferences in the world. Zenergy is on the forefront […]