Matthew Eakin

Matthew Eakin is the National Automation Architect (Ruby/Cucumber) with the Software Quality Assurance & Testing Practice of Centric Consulting and has over 20 years of technical, leadership and planning experience. His experience in all aspects of the SDLC, combined with development skills, has helped Matthew to be an effective Agile testing practitioner and coach. He talks extensively on Gherkin Scripting and is in high-demand as a BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) coach. His workshops (Agile Testing, Gherkin Scripting, and A Manual Testers Guide to the Ruby/Cucumber Framework) have been so successful that Matthew now leads the series nationally and teaches customized variations of the program at client sites.

Speaker Details:

Matthew Eakin – Manager/National Automation Architect, Centric Consulting
Twitter: @MatthewEakin
LinkedIn: Matthew Eakin

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