ERic Proegler Eric Proegler

Eric Proegler has worked in testing for 16 years, and specialized in performance and reliability testing for 13. He works for SOASTA in Mountain View, California.

Eric is an organizer for WOPR, the Workshop on Performance and Reliability, and a Community Advisory Board member for STPCon. He’s presented and facilitated at Agile2015, CAST, WOPR, PNSQC, STPCon, and STiFS. Eric has recently started engaging with tester certification and testing standards to help our community best respond to these economic tactics.

In his free time, Eric spends time with family, reads, sees a lot of stand-up comedy, seeks out street food from all over, plays video games, and follows professional basketball.

Speaker Details:

Eric Proegler – Performance Engineer, SOASTA
Twitter: @ericproegler
LinkedIn: Eric Proegler
Past Events: STPCon, WOPR, CAST

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