Software Test Luminary Award Nominee: Rosie Sherry

2015 Software Test Luminary Nominee

Rosie SherryRosie Sherry is a disillusioned software tester turned community builder extraordinaire. Over the past 8 years Rosie has been dedicated to creating a community for software testers. Her mission has always been to create much needed positive change within the software testing industry.

Her efforts started with an online community – Software Testing Club – and has now grown to The Ministry of Testing which, amongst other goodness, hosts the famous TestBash and now TestBashNY software testing conferences.

Her vision is to unify, educate and co-create better testers across the globe, in the open, ethical, lean and no-nonsense approach that she has always taken.

Find out more about Sherry here:
Twitter: @rosiesherry and/or @testingclub

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