WORKSHOP: Coaching Testers to Become Better Testers

Everybody can run their head into a wall and get stuck – even the brightest, the most skillful and the brilliant. One way to get out of the tarpit is by using coaching. Coaching goes two ways: it is a means by which a tester can be helped to see the problem she is facing in a new light and perspective, but it is also a way for the coach to learn. In the best coaching sessions, both grow their insights.

Anyone can be a coach – we will show the participants how coaching situations keep occurring in everyday life and work, and that coaching does not necessarily have to be a life changing realization event happening with candle light, black cats and incense smoke. It’s more likely something we do already, through conversations and ‘lending an ear’.

We will use this workshop to help participants becoming better coaches, through practical exercises and shared reflection.

The aspects of coaching we will cover are:

  • Feedback and how to give it so it is actually heard.
  • Coaching situations – when you can coach with value.
  • Coaching styles – find your own style, don’t be someone else.
  • Meeting with the frustrations – sometimes work is needed before the coaching can be tackled.
  • Coaching heuristics – a few tools you can use to help you when you as a coach gets stuck too.

The workshop will be held in a relaxed tone and atmosphere where we will have fun learning about this highly useful subject.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • What coaching is and why it is valuable.
  • When you can coach someone, and when you can’t and shouldn’t.
  • Some notions of dangers about ‘playing coach’ all the time.
  • What to do when your colleague is frustrated and stuck.
  • Probably a few things about yourself and your own problem solving style.

Leadership Perspectives Workshop
Location: Ashland Date: October 5, 2015 Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Carsten Feilberg Cindy Carless