KEYNOTE: How Do I Know I Am Context-Driven?

The Context-Driven School of Software Testing is 16 years old. It is a small, but influential community within the testing industry as a whole. But a common reaction when I explain that testing practice should be context-driven is “So? That’s just common sense. Of course context matters!” However, there’s a huge difference between a shallow acceptance that context influences your work, and the deeper conviction that we should develop specific skills of synthesizing and reinventing practices to fit context. It’s the difference between merely understanding that an automobile can’t cross a river, and being able to modify your car so that it can. In other words, Context-Driven testers are hackers of testing practice. This conviction is largely what drives us to study and learn; and to reject the notion of “best practices” as not merely unhelpful, but actually toxic to our work. There is certainly diversity and disagreement in our community. That is normal. But despite all that, is there a litmus test for CDT? Is there a way to tell that someone really *is* context-driven? Maybe. That’s what I will explore in this talk.

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Location: Grand Ballroom Date: October 8, 2015 Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am James Bach James Bach