Improv(e) Your Testing! Tips & Tricks from Jester to Tester

Improvisational comedy—sometimes called improv—is a form of theater in which the performance is created in the moment. Successful improv involves learning and using a variety of skills and techniques which allow performers to quickly adapt to a constantly changing environment and new information. Now reread the previous sentence, but replace the word improv with testing. In many ways, improv is a great analogy for testing. As both an experienced improviser and tester, Damian Synadinos presents some of the many similarities between improv and testing. Each improv tip and trick is thoroughly explained and demonstrated with help from the audience. Damian then shows how the very same idea can be applied in a testing context. Using creative metaphors and critical analysis, old ideas about testing are reframed in novel and notable ways. Whether novice or experienced, you are sure to laugh, learn, and leave with ways to help improv(e) your testing.

Session Takeaways:

  • Both improv and testing are performances, and therefore have many similarities, such as:
    • Yes, and: Improvisers and testers should accept (Yes) and build upon (And) new information collaboratively.
    • No Driving: Improvisers and testers should be aware of and manage preconceived notions and biases while performing.
    • Focus on Relationship: Improvisers should focus on the relationship between actors in the same way that testers should focus on the relationship between the users and the test object.
    • Contemplate Death: After the performance, improvisers and testers should spend time considering whether they “killed” (performed well; succeeded) or “died” (performed poorly; failed).

Location: Carlisle Date: October 7, 2015 Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am Damian Synadinos