I18N: English is “Just Another Language”

We live in a Global workplace. Software, especially Web Based Applications, are accessible from all over the world. In each of our home locations, we may develop in our native language, and maybe we don’t give thought to Globalization, or what someone from another country, speaking another language might experience if they land on our sites or try to use our software.

Globalization (G11N) is the entire process of Internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N) of your software product.

Globalization requires some special consideration from the Quality Assurance Organization when Testing: With the Writing of Test Plans and how it affects Test Automation among other things.

We must also be mindful of Cultural differences and needs, so as not to be found offensive. This special consideration includes things like Colors, Pictures and Videos.

One important thing to understand is how Globalization is not a process to make things MORE complicated, but to make them LESS complex.

The best part about Globalization Testing is: you don’t have to speak another language to test in another language.

Session Takeaways:

  • How to help your developers create International Software.
  • Considerations for moving into other Languages:
    • Fonts
    • Colors
    • Pictures and Videos
    • Databases
  • Preparing your Manual and Automated Testing for Globalization.

Test Strategy
Location: Concord Date: October 8, 2015 Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am David Mamanakis David Mamanakis