WORKSHOP: Ben & Ilari’s Spectacular Testing Circus

Roll up for Ben & Ilari’s spectacular testing circus! Our gates are open for both testers and developers alike. The lion tamers and the clowns welcome a healthy mix of both for the show. Take your seats. We’ll dim the lights. The stage will soon be set for spectacles and wonders. Enjoy the show!

This one-day interactive workshop sheds light on some of the most important fundamentals in software testing. Each section has a short introduction followed by a practical exercise or a game. Participation is not compulsory, but strongly encouraged.

We will work our way through:
– testing missions,
– checking & testing,
– safety language,
– modeling,
– focusing/defocusing and
– the generation of test ideas.

There will be puzzles and laughter and a distinct absence of PowerPoint slides, so come along. Be entertained (you may even learn something useful).

Note: This workshop does require that attendees bring a personal laptop. 

Test Strategy Workshop
Location: Carlisle Date: October 6, 2015 Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Ben Kelly Ilari Henrik Aegerter