Workshop: “10” Things Your Stakeholders Need to Know About Testing (but don’t!)

There are so many ways that stakeholders and executives misunderstand, misdirect, and misuse testing, and it doesn’t seem we are making enough progress as a community to educate these key players in software development. In truth, we’re all ambassadors for testing and it’s our collective job to educate our colleagues and organizations about best utilizing testing as we increase our testing acumen and maturity ourselves. It’s unlikely we can learn all the lessons at once, but moving along a trajectory of greater maturity is a concerted effort enabled by the combined goals of education, enlightenment, and improvement.

Workshop attendees will collaborate and compile the biggest blockers to effective testing in their projects today related to stakeholder’s mandates, attitudes, and lack of knowledge. Dawn will lead the group in developing a “dialogue” to use in addressing these blockers with a goal of elevating each team and enable them to make better decisions about how to utilize testing on projects every day.

Possible Discussion Points:

    • Anyone can test software
    • Detailed documentation is testing
    • We can test everything or we’ll test until there are no more defects
    • Testing is not an engineering discipline and doesn’t require engineering knowledge or tools to be more efficient
    • Counting test cases is a meaningful thing
    • Counting defects is a meaningful thing
    • When developers test, it’s just redundant testing (which that testing group is doing anyway, right?)
    • Testing is only about test execution
    • Progress of testing matters
    • Test results don’t persist change

Leadership Perspectives Workshop
Location: Middlesex Date: October 6, 2015 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm DAWN HAYNES Dawn Haynes