In this track you will learn the strategic and practical approaches to software testing and test case design, based on the underlying software development methodology.

Build and Launch Great Apps with both Real-World Testing and Automation

The dramatic upward shift in the number of applications – from web to mobile to wearable to beyond – has increased the importance of users’ definitions of quality. In today’s apps economy, users decide which apps win and which lose out, as they drop their long-time favorites after even just one sub-par experience. Today, understanding […]

Insider’s View of a Real-World Project: Innovative Strategies & Solutions for Performance Testing Composite Applications

Composite applications have become one of the most complicated―and unavoidable―project types that testers face. With these applications needing to interface successfully with myriad third-party components and services―sometimes simultaneously―performance testing them adequately and in a sufficient number of scenarios can be a challenge. In this presentation, Terri Chu, Principal Consultant for Orasi Software, Inc.’s Performance Testing […]

Taming the Wild West of Mobile App Development with Continuous Quality

The global shift to mobile applications as the primary means of accessing the internet is undeniable and has caused enterprises to quickly develop mobile channels for their new and existing business applications. With the many other challenges this trend has presented, it was time for enterprises to lasso the wild west of mobile application development […]

Truthful Test Estimation

There is no spreadsheet for estimating a test project. There never will be. This is because testing is not a mechanical or linear task: it’s a learning process and a design process. But of course we can do a lot to anticipate the efforts and the obstacles of testing. In this workshop, we’ll look at […]

Heuristics of Testability

Whether you are Agile or Waterfall, you want testability. Whether you release periodically or continuously, you want testability. Testability means how easily a product can be tested. In other words, do bugs hide from you, lurking deep in the folds of your technology? Or do they run out and surrender when you come by, while […]

The New Agile Testing Quadrants: Bringing Skilled Testers and Developers Together

You want to integrate skilled testing and development work. But how do you accomplish this without developers accidentally subverting the testing process or testers becoming an obstruction? Efficient, deep testing requires “critical distance” from the development process, commitment and planning to build a testable product, dedication to uncovering the truth, responsiveness among team members, and […]

Does Domain Expertise Matter?

Candidate must have 5 years of experience in healthcare. Or, substitute finance, insurance, manufacturing, or what have you for healthcare. You get the picture. Domain expertise is frequently the basis for hiring decisions. Usually, I feel that it is completely unnecessary. In this talk, I’ll describe how I jumped in domains without previous experience and […]

KEYNOTE: How Do I Know I Am Context-Driven?

The Context-Driven School of Software Testing is 16 years old. It is a small, but influential community within the testing industry as a whole. But a common reaction when I explain that testing practice should be context-driven is “So? That’s just common sense. Of course context matters!” However, there’s a huge difference between a shallow […]

Improv(e) Your Testing! Tips & Tricks from Jester to Tester

Improvisational comedy—sometimes called improv—is a form of theater in which the performance is created in the moment. Successful improv involves learning and using a variety of skills and techniques which allow performers to quickly adapt to a constantly changing environment and new information. Now reread the previous sentence, but replace the word improv with testing. […]

KEYNOTE: The Future of Government Software (And How to Stop It)

In this talk, Jason will share his stories when he was called in to help the turnaround in late 2013 and the later HealthCare 2.0 effort. Jason will talk about the recently formed 18F and U.S. Digital Services and how they were created after the original crisis. He’ll cover what lessons the U.S. […]