In this track you will learn practical skills, tools, and techniques for planning and executing effective performance tests.

PerfBytes Live

Join Us Tuesday night for a LIVE Podcast from STPCon! Ever had a question about performance testing? Ever wanted to just complain about the lack of load testing on your favorite websites as they buckle and crash under heavy load? Come and join the live audience of the PerfBytes podcast! Win prizes, learn about performance […]

Build and Launch Great Apps with both Real-World Testing and Automation

The dramatic upward shift in the number of applications – from web to mobile to wearable to beyond – has increased the importance of users’ definitions of quality. In today’s apps economy, users decide which apps win and which lose out, as they drop their long-time favorites after even just one sub-par experience. Today, understanding […]

Testing the Performance of Mobile Apps

Today’s remarkable mix of cloud computing, ever-smarter mobile devices, and prolific application development has changed the way we develop and test applications. Now, deployed applications deliver different content and functionality depending on whether the user is accessing it via a browser, a cell phone, a tablet, etc. Moreover, applications are accessed over a myriad of […]

Infuriatingly Fun Performance Puzzlers

It’s been a little while, but you might remember our friend George who’s been working on performance for awhile now. This time he sees the CPU % was maxed out on the database server, there were no sessions blocked or locked, the I/O was throttled at 1 GBit/sec. The end users were complaining that reports […]

WORKSHOP: Interpreting and Reporting Performance Test Results

You’ve worked hard to define, develop and execute a performance test on a new application to determine its behavior under load. You have barrels full of numbers. What’s next? The answer is definitely not to generate and send a canned report from your testing tool. Results interpretation and reporting is where a performance tester earns […]

Adjusting Performance Testing to the World of Agile

It looks like agile methodologies are somewhat struggling with performance testing. Theoretically it should be a piece of cake: every iteration you have a working system and know exactly where you stand with the system’s performance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work this way in practice. Performance related activities tend to slip toward the end of […]

More Top Performance Problems and Metrics for Testing

Ever wondered why really had a problem or why BestBuy was down on Black Friday? Or what is the real reason behind that maintenance screen when you just tried to access your online banking system? If the system crashed under the load – why didn’t they test it properly? Or did they but forgot […]

WORKSHOP: Application Performance Clinic

This event is all about hands-on learning. The goal is that you will leave with a handful of PurePaths, log files, graphs, metrics and new ideas that you can show and share with your peers. Join application performance enthusiast, Andreas Grabner as he walks you through the most common performance problems in the frontend (web, […]