Developing and testing software for mobile devices presents its own set of challenges. In this track participants will learn mobile testing techniques from real-world experiences as presented by a selection of industry experts.

Build and Launch Great Apps with both Real-World Testing and Automation

The dramatic upward shift in the number of applications – from web to mobile to wearable to beyond – has increased the importance of users’ definitions of quality. In today’s apps economy, users decide which apps win and which lose out, as they drop their long-time favorites after even just one sub-par experience. Today, understanding […]

Testing the Performance of Mobile Apps

Today’s remarkable mix of cloud computing, ever-smarter mobile devices, and prolific application development has changed the way we develop and test applications. Now, deployed applications deliver different content and functionality depending on whether the user is accessing it via a browser, a cell phone, a tablet, etc. Moreover, applications are accessed over a myriad of […]

Taming the Wild West of Mobile App Development with Continuous Quality

The global shift to mobile applications as the primary means of accessing the internet is undeniable and has caused enterprises to quickly develop mobile channels for their new and existing business applications. With the many other challenges this trend has presented, it was time for enterprises to lasso the wild west of mobile application development […]