This track includes topics related to test automation architecture, continuous integration, agile automation, and what other tasks you need to perform after you have designed your framework and scripted your test cases.

Insider’s View of a Real-World Project: Innovative Strategies & Solutions for Performance Testing Composite Applications

Composite applications have become one of the most complicated―and unavoidable―project types that testers face. With these applications needing to interface successfully with myriad third-party components and services―sometimes simultaneously―performance testing them adequately and in a sufficient number of scenarios can be a challenge. In this presentation, Terri Chu, Principal Consultant for Orasi Software, Inc.’s Performance Testing […]

What Do Defects Really Cost? More Than You Think

As software increasingly becomes the face of the business, defects can lead to embarrassment, financial loss, and even business failure. Nevertheless, in response to today’s demand for speed and “continuous everything,” the software delivery conveyer belt keeps moving faster and faster. It’s foolhardy to expect that speeding up an already-troubled implementation process will achieve the […]

Conscientious Test Automation

Often, automated tools and acceptance tests are thrown at everything in a software startup environment, in hopes that by ‘covering’ the regression, the software will be ‘tested.’ However, in building an automated suite from the ground up, it is important to consider what you are automating and why. Rather than automating everything, using BDD test […]

WORKSHOP: High Value Automated Testing

When most people think of automated tests they picture automating what a manual tester does in running the tests. Sometimes this is what we desire, but it isn’t the most powerful way to use test automation. This tutorial is about extending our reach to do testing that cannot be done manually; working beyond the automated […]

Five Fallacies About Test Automation

Five common misunderstandings about test automation lead to trouble but can be minimized or avoided. The talk describes the five fallacies (listed below), explains why each is not true, and goes into some of the implications and possible actions to avoid trouble over them. The five fallacies are: Automated tests find lots of defects Good […]

WORKSHOP: Selenium Frameworks From Entropy to Extropy

In the Ever-Changing world of Software Development and Quality Assurance, you are constantly looking for ways to improve your effectiveness; so, naturally, you’ve decided you need to automate your WebUI Tests. You have selected Selenium (Web Driver) as your Test Automation medium… And after you started developing your Selenium tests you found Selenium has some […]

Adjusting Performance Testing to the World of Agile

It looks like agile methodologies are somewhat struggling with performance testing. Theoretically it should be a piece of cake: every iteration you have a working system and know exactly where you stand with the system’s performance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work this way in practice. Performance related activities tend to slip toward the end of […]