This track will help participants understand how they can fit traditional test practices into an Agile environment as well as explore real-world examples of testing projects and teams in varying degrees of Agile adoption.

Insider’s View of a Real-World Project: Innovative Strategies & Solutions for Performance Testing Composite Applications

Composite applications have become one of the most complicated―and unavoidable―project types that testers face. With these applications needing to interface successfully with myriad third-party components and services―sometimes simultaneously―performance testing them adequately and in a sufficient number of scenarios can be a challenge. In this presentation, Terri Chu, Principal Consultant for Orasi Software, Inc.’s Performance Testing […]

Conscientious Test Automation

Often, automated tools and acceptance tests are thrown at everything in a software startup environment, in hopes that by ‘covering’ the regression, the software will be ‘tested.’ However, in building an automated suite from the ground up, it is important to consider what you are automating and why. Rather than automating everything, using BDD test […]

Continuous Delivery: How We Got There

We were not moving fast enough for our business stakeholders. Development and quality was constantly the bottleneck for delivering the cool ideas from our product managers and designers. Our release cycles took three weeks, with more than half of the effort dealing with technical debt. We typically needed a full hardening sprint for each iteration. […]

Navigating the UX Jungle

There are very few known techniques that can accurately and consistently shape a good UI/UX. Though most of the companies are spending a lot in deciding the colors and bars on the screen, frankly beauty comes second. It’s a known fact that users resist change. How can you stage the changes in a way that’s […]

Adjusting Performance Testing to the World of Agile

It looks like agile methodologies are somewhat struggling with performance testing. Theoretically it should be a piece of cake: every iteration you have a working system and know exactly where you stand with the system’s performance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work this way in practice. Performance related activities tend to slip toward the end of […]

The New Agile Testing Quadrants: Bringing Skilled Testers and Developers Together

You want to integrate skilled testing and development work. But how do you accomplish this without developers accidentally subverting the testing process or testers becoming an obstruction? Efficient, deep testing requires “critical distance” from the development process, commitment and planning to build a testable product, dedication to uncovering the truth, responsiveness among team members, and […]

Why Bugs Escape

A test team’s worst nightmare is having a flood of critical bugs discovered by customers at a new release of a product. It seems that you can never test too much nor can you test everything. So it is always a fine balance, driven by many factors, of when to stop testing and deliver the […]

End-Users. Involved at Last!

Can a small group of people change the world for the better, battling against difficult odds? In the story I want to tell you, yes they can. I’d like to tell you about a project and a team which refused to settle with a situation they found. They decided to change their situation – and […]

DevOps: Find Solutions, Not More Defects

The promise of DevOps is that we can push new ideas out to market faster while avoiding delivering serious defects into production. Andreas Grabner explains that testers are no longer measured by the number of defect reports they enter, nor are developers measured by the lines of code they write. As a team, you are […]

Test Automation in Agile – A Successful Implementation

Many agile teams have experienced big problems when implementing test automation. For example, they may discover that a purchased tool is often seen as a “silver bullet” and feel forced to use it even though better options may exist. Melissa Tondi discusses who is affected by automation, where it belongs in the development lifecycle, and […]