WORKSHOP: High Value Automated Testing

When most people think of automated tests they picture automating what a manual tester does in running the tests. Sometimes this is what we desire, but it isn’t the most powerful way to use test automation. This tutorial is about extending our reach to do testing that cannot be done manually; working beyond the automated […]

Five Fallacies About Test Automation

Five common misunderstandings about test automation lead to trouble but can be minimized or avoided. The talk describes the five fallacies (listed below), explains why each is not true, and goes into some of the implications and possible actions to avoid trouble over them. The five fallacies are: Automated tests find lots of defects Good […]

Leading the Next Generation of Testers

Every parent, coach, counselor, manager, mentor, teacher, or advisor, has experienced the complexity of guiding others in the right direction. If you’ve been one or more of these, then you have likely felt the desire in your heart and your mind to be part of a positive change in someone else’s life. This becomes the […]

Truthful Test Estimation

There is no spreadsheet for estimating a test project. There never will be. This is because testing is not a mechanical or linear task: it’s a learning process and a design process. But of course we can do a lot to anticipate the efforts and the obstacles of testing. In this workshop, we’ll look at […]

Heuristics of Testability

Whether you are Agile or Waterfall, you want testability. Whether you release periodically or continuously, you want testability. Testability means how easily a product can be tested. In other words, do bugs hide from you, lurking deep in the folds of your technology? Or do they run out and surrender when you come by, while […]

The New Agile Testing Quadrants: Bringing Skilled Testers and Developers Together

You want to integrate skilled testing and development work. But how do you accomplish this without developers accidentally subverting the testing process or testers becoming an obstruction? Efficient, deep testing requires “critical distance” from the development process, commitment and planning to build a testable product, dedication to uncovering the truth, responsiveness among team members, and […]

Notes From a Testing Coach

There are books about testing. But they don’t really “teach” testing, they mainly discuss concepts and provide a few examples. Meanwhile, tester certifications are all about poorly understood vocabulary words, most of which are forgotten quickly after the certification exam, rather than the demonstrated ability to test a product. To learn testing there’s no alternative […]

Metrics: The Force Awakens

It is often said, “You cannot improve what you cannot measure.” That statement has led to a proliferation of measure and metrics gather programs throughout history. In software testing, metrics are used frequently to inform stakeholders regarding the quality and/or progress of testing in a project. Many time metrics are presented in visual form in […]

How to Transform a Manual Testing Process to Incorporate Test Automation

Most QA organizations have test automation as a subset of their overall testing team. The majority of testers have a manual testing role, but interface with their test automation counterparts. To this extent, the processes for the QA/Testing department have largely been defined and the test automation team must fit within this structure. The prevailing […]