Automated Software Testing and Cybersecurity
Elfriede Dustin, STPCon Fall 2015 KeynoteWednesday, October 7, 9AM-10AM, Grand Ballrooom
Elfriede Dustin – Technical Director, IDT; Author
Security risks continue to accelerate. Often system administrators cannot remediate system vulnerability quick enough. The mission critical nature of systems and customer care needs requires an integrated approach to validating security controls and functionality. An efficient approach and capability is needed to persistently validate security changes impact on system functionality. Automated software testing can help address this cybersecurity challenge. Continue Reading

The Future of Government Software (And How to Stop It)
Jason Huggins, STPCon Fall 2015 KeynoteWednesday, October 7, 1:15AM-2:15PM, Grand Ballrooom
Jason Huggins – Co-founder, Sauce Labs
In this talk, Jason will share his stories when he was called in to help the turnaround in late 2013 and the later HealthCare 2.0 effort. Jason will talk about the recently formed 18F and U.S. Digital Services and how they were created after the original crisis. He’ll cover what lessons the U.S. Federal Government has learned, what problems remain, how they could be fixed, and how anyone can get involved. Continue Reading

How Do I Know I Am Context-Driven?
James Bach, STPCon Fall 2015 Keynote Thursday, October 8, 9AM-10AM, Grand Ballrooom
James Bach – CEO & Founder – Satisfice, Inc.
The Context-Driven School of software testing is 16 years old. It is a small, but influential community within the testing industry as a whole. But a common reaction when I explain that testing practice should be context-driven is “So? That’s just common sense. Of course context matters!” However, there’s a huge difference between a shallow acceptance that context influences your work, and the deeper conviction that we should develop specific skills of synthesizing and reinventing practices to fit context. It’s the difference between merely understanding that an automobile can’t cross a river, and being able to modify your car so that it can. In other words, Context-Driven testers are hackers of testing practice. Continue Reading

Thinking Fast and Slow – For Testers’ Everyday Life
Joseph Ours, STPCon Fall 2015 KeynoteThursday, October 8, 1:15PM-2:00PM, Grand Ballrooom
Joseph Ours – National SQA & Testing Lead – Centric Consulting
In his book Thinking Fast and Slow, Nobel winner Daniel Kahneman introduces two mental systems, one that is fast and the other slow. Together they shape our impressions of the world around us and help us make choices. Knowledge of how our minds work allows us to answer questions such as… Continue Reading