2015 Software Test Luminary Nominees

2015 Software Test Luminary Nominee

We are pleased to announce the nominees for the 6th Annual STP Luminary Award!

Six years ago Software Test Professionals and the greater testing community decided it was time to recognize individuals that have have given back, and shared their knowledge and experience with others in order to advance the profession and improve the career paths of the practitioners. Those qualities were used to define our candidates for the annual luminary award:

“A luminary is someone who has inspired others by their actions and the results of those actions on the profession. It is not a popularity contest, although many luminaries do become popular. It is about the way they have given back, and shared their knowledge and experience with others in order to advance the profession and improve the career paths of the practitioners. A luminary will typically be recognized and respected long after their days of practicing have ended.”

Past Software Test Luminary Award Recipients:

Jerry Weinberg – 2010
Ross Collard – 2011
Cem Kaner – 2012
Keith Klain – 2013
James Marcus Bach – 2014

2015 Software Test Luminary Award Nominees:

Our current year nominees were selected by our previous luminary award winners and our Community Advisory Board Members. Now we are asking our testing community to vote for the 2015 STP Luminary Award Recipient. Following are the six nominees selected along with some information for you to consider as you vote for that person who has inspired you in your career as a software tester. Any member of the community can evaluate each of the candidates and place a vote for the person they consider most deserving of this award based on the definition of a luminary.

Michael BoltonMichael Bolton is a consulting software tester and testing teacher who helps people to solve testing problems that they didn’t realize they could solve. He has over 25 years of experience around the world, testing, developing, managing, and writing about software. He is the co-author (with James Bach) of Rapid Software Testing, a course that presents a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure. [READ MORE]

Elisabeth HendricksonElisabeth Hendrickson, better known as testobsessed, has been kicking around the software industry for a couple of decades in a variety of roles including tester, developer, and agile enabler. Author of Explore It!, Elisabeth is known for her Google Tech Talk on agile testing and popular test heuristics Cheatsheet. In 2010 she won the prestigious Gordon Pask Award from the Agile Alliance. After more than a decade as an independent consultant, in 2012 Elisabeth joined Pivotal, the company where she first learned extreme programming. She is now the VP of Engineering for Pivotal’s Big Data Suite. [READ MORE]

Karen N JohnsonKaren N. Johnson has worked as a software test consultant for several years. Recently she joined Orbitz Worldwide Inc. as Director of Mobile Quality. While focused on software testing and predominantly working with the testers throughout an organization, Karen helps teams and organizations improve quality overall. Her professional activities include speaking at conferences both in the US and internationally. Karen is a contributing author to the book, Beautiful Testing by O’Reilly publishers. [READ MORE]

Dave RabinekDave Rabinek is a Risk Management Executive with more than thirty years of management experience, well known for directing the delivery of Mission Critical Technology platforms to drive Core Business Decisions and enable effective Enterprise Risk Management for many of the world’s largest Financial Services firms – including top Hedge Funds, International Credit Card Issuers, and Mortgage Market Enterprises. A well-respected member of the software engineering community, Dave has managed, trained, mentored, and coached numerous professionals in the field. [READ MORE ]

Rob SabourinRob Sabourin has more than thirty years of management experience, leading teams of software development professionals. A well-respected member of the software engineering community, Rob has managed, trained, mentored, and coached thousands of top professionals in the field. He frequently speaks at conferences and writes on software engineering, SQA, testing, management, and internationalization. The author of I am a Bug!, the popular software testing children’s book, Rob is an adjunct professor of Software Engineering at McGill University. [READ MORE]

Rosie SherryRosie Sherry Rosie Sherry is a disillusioned software tester turned community builder extraordinaire. Over the past 8 years Rosie has been dedicated to creating a community for software testers. Her mission has always been to create much needed positive change within the software testing industry. Her efforts started with an online community – Software Testing Club – and has now grown to The Ministry of Testing which, amongst other goodness, hosts the famous TestBash and now TestBashNY software testing conferences. [READ MORE]